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Welcome to Silver Sands

Founded in 1972 Silver Sands Veterinary Center was formally known as Milford Veterinary Hospital. The Silver Sands Veterinary Center is a center run by professionals looking to save animal lives. The center performs general health checkups on animals, this includes; vaccinations, consultations, medicines as well as healthy supplements. Silver Sands Veterinary Center stays on the forefront of technology involving diagnostics and treatment. The staffs continual hardwork and dedication is why the center has been in business for over 40 years.

Supplements and Your Pets

Just like people, if your diet is not a healthy well balanced one, then supplements may benefit you. As bodybuilders and athletes train day in day out they are continually putting stress on their bodies to perform better and better. Their bodies demand for protein and other amino acids becomes quite high and unless you’re eating enough protein from sources like fish, beef, chicken and other meats you might be starving your body of the protein it needs to recover and build new muscle.

Similar with your Pets, if your pet is not getting enough vital nutrients then its recovery, development and health may suffer. This is where supplement maybe beneficial, common supplements for pets are to support joint health, hair coat, skin, digestive health and generally well-being.

Just like people over supplementing can cause negative side effects and you should always consult with a doctor before beginning any diet or supplement regime.


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